Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gianluigi and Rafaela Aponte

Age 77    Net Worth $9.3 Billion
Born Italy     Citizen  Switzerland
Selfmade in Shipping, founded  MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) in 1970 

They are important because the Aponte is the richest Swiss selfmade billionaire.

Here is a picture of Gianluigi and Rafaela Aponte

Rafaela Diamant (left) is the daughter of rich Jewish banker.  Her mother would finance MSC's first ship, name MSC Patricia

MSC is run by Famly , like a Famly (sounds Italian, isn't it?)

These are the Aponte Parents with their 2 children : Alexa and Diego Aponte.

In 2014, Diego Aponte took over as President of MSC from his father Gianluigi Aponte. 
Dianluigi was 74 year old then. 

Here is my youtube link

She was vacationing in Naples, Italy.
He was the captain of a ferry ship.  The two fell in love.

In 1970, they founded MSC (Mediterranean Shipping 
 Company) in Naples, Italy

The Aponte couple became very wealthy because MSC is now Second largest container shipping company in the world

This is their ship MSC Oscar, named after their grandson Oscar Aponte.   In 2016, MSC Oscar is the world's largest container ship.

The Aponte also became wealthy because their other company MSC Cruise, is the world's fourth largest Cruise company.

The following is their cruise ship MSC Meraglivia 
In 2015, this is the world's fourth largest Cruise Ship

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